An open window into the IRS 990 dataset

Grantmakers.io makes the machine-readable IRS 990 dataset usable for nonprofit professionals. It was created by me, Chad Kruse 👋. I originally built the site for a friend, and open sourced it for the world when I saw how useful the data was to her. Fewer trips to the library to conduct simple donor searches meant more time to run her nonprofit.

Then the amazing folks at Algolia stepped in and provided an expanded free tier to their search service which made the 990-PF portion of the dataset entirely searchable. The speed and accuracy of their search is truly remarkable - it's the search nonprofits deserve. From there it's been 🔥.

Free as in freedom and free as in food

Grantmakers.io serves as an example of the power of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Anyone can access it without paying (free as in food), and anyone can leverage the code to continue innovating in however they please (free as in freedom).

I'm proud to work on Grantmakers.io and support all the amazing nonprofit professionals in their important work. Saying I "donate" my time doesn't feel right. Creating and running the site has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career, and the countless thank you messages I receive from nonprofits truly warms my heart. Grantmakers.io will remain free and open forever. 💕

Transparency 💯

I run Grantmakers.io like I like to see any business run - completely transparent and self-sustaining. I also run it like I like to see any nonprofit run - completely transparent and self-sustaining. 😉

To run the site at virtually no cost, I use a "static site generator" at the site's core. This technology allows a developer to generate the entire site contents once (even on their own laptop), then publish the package to any number of free or low-cost web hosts. Think of it like a physical bulletin board - perfect for posting things that don't change (like tax returns!).

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Meet Chad

Before launching my own ventures and teaching myself to code, I was often brought on as the first "business hire" at startups of all shapes and sizes, online and offline. I've run development teams, owned product strategy, raised venture, seed, debt, and philanthropic capital, and closed business development deals with organizations both large and small. I'm a generalist through and through.

My career started as a strategist and dealmaker for large tech companies, and I'm often told I have a unique ability to talk shop with programmers, VC's, designers, boards of directors, philanthropists and everyone in between. My head is in SF, my heart is in Bend (OR), and my body is currently in Chicago. Chicago Flag

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