Making charitable data more accessible is a community project. Its simple goal is to demonstrate how open source technologies can be leveraged to minimize the cost of hosting and sharing philanthropic data.

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Free and Open Source... is an open-source project, with the entire code base available for anyone to view or download.


Code meant to inspire

We have no intention of building the next Foundation Center or Guidestar. We aim to inspire, not compete.


Built for humans

Search as fast as Google. Data as digestible as your iPhone calendar.


Free forever

The site can handle up to 1M searches per month at ZERO COST to us or anyone else.

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Simple and fast

Thanks to our friends at Algolia, you get immediate results from your queries. Search by EIN, foundation name, and location among many others. Summary Data Screenshot

Summary Data
Clear and concise

No need to tediously scan Form 990-PF images. All the basic information you need to quickly understand a grantmaker's giving profile.

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Expanded Profiles
Relevant and detailed

Detailed information on staff, board members, recent grants, giving levels and more.