Tax Year 2016
IRS Form 990-PF
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Palmer, AK




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# Name Title Hours / Wk Comp ($)
1 Larry Wiget Director 1 0
2 Nicholas Begich III Director 1 0
3 Roxanna De Mayberry Director 1 0
4 Lauren Driscoll Director 1 0
5 Earl Lackey Chief Governance Officer 1 0
6 Catherine Fosselman Chief Governance Officer 1 0
7 George Trabits Secretary 1 0
8 Michael Burke Chief Executive Officer 1 0
9 Wanda Tankersley Chief Financial Officer 1 0

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    Tax Year 2016
    # Name Location Purpose Amount ($)
    1 Halbe Brown Denali Park, AK Scholarship 7,500
    2 Nathaniel Savel Palmer, AK Scholarship 5,000
    3 Dakota Peterson-Thompson Palmer, AK Scholarship 5,000
    4 Sara Main Wasilla, AK Scholarship 5,000
    5 Peyton Johnstone Palmer, AK Scholarship 5,000
    6 Emma Gamble Eagle River, AK Scholarship 5,000
    7 Morgan Chapman Palmer, AK Scholarship 5,000
    8 Virginia Whittington Eagle River, AK Scholarship 2,500
    9 Theodore Walters Eagle River, AK Scholarship 2,500
    10 Ariana Saxon Wasilla, AK Scholarship 2,500
    11 Savanna Burke Palmer, AK Scholarship 2,500
    12 Kyle Anderson Palmer, AK Scholarship 2,500
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Application Guidelines

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    Note: This foundation appears to have a website. We recommend starting your exploration there. Visit Website

  • assignment Instructions

    Application must be submitted electronically along with school transcript, letter of reference, and MTA member signature.

  • history Deadlines

    Application and supportive documentation must be submitted on or before April 10, 2016

  • assignment_late Restrictions

    A) Applicants must be an active member of MTA, or a dependent of an active MTA member, who resides in MTA's service area. B) Applicants may be graduating seniors from a secondary school, or a student attending or planning to attend a college or vocational school. C) Awards are for students who will attend an accredited college or vocational school in the summer or fall of 2016, and be enrolled in a course of study that leads to a degree or certification. D) Incomplete applications will not be considered. Refer to the checklist on this application form to ensure that all components of the application have been fulfilled. E) All materials, including application, transcript, and recommendation letters, must be submitted together.

  • contact_phone Contact

    Connie Egger

    [email protected]

    1740 S Chugach Way

    Palmer, AK 99645

    (907) 761-2410

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