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February 2019


# Name Title Hours / Wk Comp ($)
1 Mary B Bernal CEO/Secretary 2 0
2 Sarah B Smallhouse Pres/Treasurer 2 0
3 John L Carter Vice President 2 0
4 Gerald Swanson Trustee 2 500
5 Michael Hard Trustee 2 0
6 Jack B Jewett Trustee 2 0
7 Shaun Kirkpatrick Trustee 2 0

Charitable Activities

  • $98,659
    OFFICE OF ECONOMIC EDUCATIONThe Thomas R Brown Foundation (TRBF) continues its work with the University of Arizona Office of Economic Education (OEE) in providing outreach programs throughout six Southern Arizona counties. TRBF and the OEE offer programs in economics education to teachers outside Pima County, taking programs to rural counties through cooperative scheduling with district superintendents' offices and county school personnel. In furtherance of the 2017 TRBF Strategic Plan, the OEE now has reliable contacts in each of the target counties and delivers to those counties one elementary and one middle/high school-level program per school year. The OEE has also arranged for visiting professors to provide evening presentations for teachers. Finally, the OEE continues to coordinate the annual Micro- and Macroeconomic Summer Institute, taught by award-winning professors and classroom teachers. In 2017, OEE programs drew attendance of approximately 313 teachers, some of whom attend
  • $91,839
    V.O.T.E. (Voices on the Economy) SeriesThe VOTE series is designed to teach economic issues from multiple perspectives to inspire full civic engagement in developing and implementing economic policies. Developed by Amy Cramer, Ph.D., the series teaches the history of three different economic perspectives without promoting any specific economic or political viewpoint. The economic perspectivespure capitalism, regulated capitalism, and democratic socialismappear both historically and in contemporary political discourse. The series begins with a three-day conference during which Dr. Amy Cramer teaches the historic foundations for the three perspectives, and then applies the perspectives to modern public policy issues, including rent control, minimum wage, and consumer safety regulations. As a sequel to the initial conference, Dr. Cramer offers eight additional workshops over a two-year period. The single day topics covered are healthcare, retirement security, the environment, internationa
  • $31,915
    THE THOMAS R BROWN PROFESSORSHIP IN ECONOMICSThe Thomas R Brown Professorship in Economics at the University of Arizona is a five-year commitment designed to support the retention of key faculty who strengthen both the Foundations local educational programs as well as research and work in economics. The Foundation does this directly through the University of Arizona by helping the UA retain key faculty. TRBF currently supports the work of Price Fishback, Ph.D., an internationally renowned author and researcher in economic history. In addition to Dr. Fishbacks leadership in academia, he also has taught workshops for Southern Arizona history, government and economics teachers.
  • $20,000
    TRB LecturerDuring the 2017-2018 school year, TRBF provided a salary supplement for UA Lecturer Wayne Geerling. Dr. Geerling is a nationally known economics professor who specializes in the teaching of economics. Consistent with its strategic plan, TRBF provided a three-year commitment for salary support in the amount of up to $20,000/year to recruit and retain Dr. Geerling due to his focus on economics teaching.


# Name Purpose Location Amount ($)
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    Note: This foundation appears to have a website. We recommend starting your exploration there. Visit Website

The foundation has indicated it only makes contributions to preselected charitable organizations and does not accept unsolicited requests for funds.

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