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Dewitt, AR
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December 2018


# Name Title Hours / Wk Comp ($)
1 Thayn Morton President 0 0
2 Brad Chambless Vice President 2 0
3 Kirk Vansandt Secretary/ Treasurer 0 0

Charitable Activities

  • $30,000
    Caring and Sharing Pantry, DeWitt, AR; 21.33% of charitable resources directly contributed to this Arkansas County, AR charitable organization to provide relief of the poor and distressed in the local community.
  • $21,700
    The Kroger Company, 15.43% of charitable resources to a local food store, for gift cards to provide food and other necessities for relief of the poor and distressed in and around the community.
  • $19,000
    DeWitt Ministerial Alliance, DeWitt, AR; 13.51% of charitable resources used to provide assistance to needy people in the Arkansas County, AR community. The Alliance is composed of multiple churches within the area.
  • $17,000
    DeWitt Public Schools Backpack Progroam, 12.09% of charitable resources to provide school supplies and other necessities for for the area's students to ensure the education success..

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Tax Year
66 results
Amount ($) Name Purpose Location Year
2017 Caring & Sharing Pantry Dewitt, AR Payment for food, charity 30,000
2017 Kroger Foods Dewitt, AR Payment for gift cards for food 21,700
2017 DeWitt Ministerial Alliance Dewitt, AR Payment for food, shelter, necessities 19,000
2017 DeWitt Public Schools - GES Backpack Dewitt, AR Donation for school supplies, clothing, books 17,000
2017 DeWitt Dragon Den Dewitt, AR Payment for supplies, necessities 12,000
2017 DeWitt Public Schools - DHS Backpack Dewitt, AR Donation to student for charitable assistance 4,000
2017 Imagination Library - Arkansas County Dewitt, AR Payment for books, supplies 4,000
2017 The CALL of AR County Dewitt, AR Payment for shelter, food 4,000
2017 DeWitt Dragon Closet Dewitt, AR Payment for clothing, supplies 4,000
2017 Dana's House Dewitt, AR Payment for food, shelter 4,000
2017 Dollar General Dewitt, AR Payment for gift cards for food, necessities 3,750
2017 Hargrove College Scholarship Dewitt, AR Scholarship contribution 3,000
2017 Gillett Community Assistance Gillett, AR Payment for supplies, food, shelter 3,000
2017 Arkansas County Single Parent Scholarship Brinkley, AR Single parent scholarship contribution 3,000
2017 Restoration of Hope Stuttgart, AR Donation for charitable assistance 2,500
2017 Phillips Community College Dewitt, AR Donation for charitable necessities 2,000
2017 Special Needs Fish Fry Gillett, AR Payment for food, supplies 1,500
2017 Perry Simpson Fund Dewitt, AR Assistance for medical costs 1,000
2017 DeWitt Cemetery Association Dewitt, AR Payment for clothing, food, necessities 1,000
2017 DeWitt Public Schools - Read 180 Dewitt, AR Donation for charitable necessities 200

Application Guidelines

  • assignment Instructions

    Requisition form requested, completed by organization detailing need with supporting documentation, returned to Acres of Help, Inc.

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    Poor and needy in distressed situation in Arkansas County, AR 72042

  • contact_phone Contact

    Brad Chambless Acres of Help Inc

    PO Box 696

    DeWitt, AR 72042

    (870) 946-3535

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