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Juneau, AK
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December 2018


# Name Title Hours / Wk Comp ($)
1 Elizabeth Skiles Parady ACSA Exec Dir. 8 0
2 David Legg Director 1 0
3 Holly Morris President 1 0
4 Pam Lloyd Director 1 0
5 Mary McMahon Director 1 0
6 Rod Morrison Director 1 0
7 Randy Neill Director 1 0
8 Marty Lang Vice President 1 0

Charitable Activities

  • $104,000
    The Foundation is responsible for the selection process, distribution, and tracking of various scholarship programs to include the following: BP Principals' and Commissioner's scholarship awards. 25 student scholarships awarded annually. Recipients are nominated by their Alaska State high school principal. Each winner receives $1,000/year for four years. The number of scholarships per region is determined by the overall number of students in each of the state of Alaska's seven regions. One student is awarded the commissioner's scholarship of $4,000/year in addition to the award of $1,000/year above. Awards are made directly to university attended by the recipient. logo is an open source project for my friends in the nonprofit community

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Tax Year
117 results
Amount ($) Name Purpose Location Year
14,000 Hanna Jayne Biola Tuition and expenses La Mirada, CA 2017
4,000 Smoldon Isaac UAA Tuition and expenses Anchorage, AK 2017
4,000 Sleppy Justin Pitzer College Tuition and expenses Claremont, CA 2017
4,000 Shank Chance UAF Tuition and expenses Fairbanks, AK 2017
4,000 Pickett Gretta Dartmouth Tuition and expenses Hanover, NH 2017
4,000 Minium Matthew Embry-Rddle Tuition and expenses Prescott, AZ 2017
4,000 Meiwes Luke UAA Tuition and expenses Anchorage, AK 2017
4,000 Martin Payton Northwest Christian Tuition and expenses Eugene, OR 2017
4,000 Mack Colten Northwest Indian Colleg Tuition and expenses Bellingham, WA 2017
4,000 Luff Joshua University of Colorado Tuition and expenses Boulder, CO 2017
4,000 Koziczkowski Emily University Portl Tuition and expenses Portland, OR 2017
4,000 Jones John Wheaton College Tuition and expenses Wheaton, IL 2017
4,000 Imoe Sierra CMU Tuition and expenses Mount Pleasant, MI 2017
4,000 Holman Taylor UAF Tuition and expenses Fairbanks, AK 2017
4,000 Henderson James UAA Tuition and expenses Anchorage, AK 2017
4,000 Hamilton Kira Wellesley College Tuition and expenses Wellesley, MA 2017
4,000 Geraghty Coleen UNM Tuition and expenses Albuquerque, NM 2017
4,000 Garlock Emily Minerva Schools Tuition and expenses Claremont, CA 2017
4,000 Edwards Cameron Syracuse University Tuition and expenses Syracuse, NY 2017
4,000 Dusek Brian CSU Tuition and expenses Fort Collins, CO 2017