IRS Form 990 PF
Tax Year 2019
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San Francisco, CA
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January 2021


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1 Kyle Vogt President 1 0
2 Tracy Vogt Treasurer & Secretary 1 0

Charitable Activities

No Charitable Activities listed on Form 990 PF Part IX-A logo is an open source project for my friends in the nonprofit community

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Tax Year
15 results
Amount ($) Name Purpose Location Year
500,000 Oceanic Preservation Society Animal advocacy documentary Greenbrae, CA 2019
250,000 Animal Legal Defense Fund General support Cotati, CA 2019
250,000 Good Food Institute General support Washington, DC 2019
250,000 Mercy for Animals General support Los Angeles, CA 2019
250,000 The Humane League General support Rockville, MD 2019
50,000 Factory Farming Awareness Coalition ERP Picture Portland, OR 2019
40,000 Humane Society of the US Meat Reduction Initiative Washington, DC 2019
25,000 SPCA Gala event table and related support San Francisco, CA 2019
25,000 Independent Arts and Media White shark video project San Francisco, CA 2019
25,000 Animal Recovery Mission General support Miami Beach, FL 2019
22,500 Humane Society of the US Gala event table and related support Washington, DC 2019