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Tax Year 2020
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September 2021


# Name Title Hours / Wk Comp ($)
1 Song Suk Sonn President 40 0
2 Edgar P Sonn Vice-President 20 0
3 James McCardell Secretary 1 0

Charitable Activities

  • $5,257
    1. Established a mission in Incheon, South Korea (Heaven on Earth Mission Center - HoEMC), which includes a church, kitchen, and classroom facilities. Worship services started in April 2020. Expenses included equipment, start-up, maintenance, and monthly service costs. Lunches were also provided to congregants.
  • $1,192
    3. Direct charitable cash contributions to: 4 - African Pastor's Organizations ($625), and 4 - South Korea Pastors and Churches ($567).
  • $727
    2. Continued Heavenly Light Christian College lessons via remote learning to one Korean student living in the USA. Expenses included costs of electronic media curriculum ($727). Also conducted English lessons for South Korean HoEMC congregants and any others interested (8 students).
  • $470
    4. Donated 80 books (in the Korean language) authored by Foundation President (The Day Heaven Touched Me - A True Story of a Buddhist Monk's Daughter). Books were donated in the USA and S. Korea (at a printing and publication cost of $5.88 per book = $470). logo is an open source project for my friends in the nonprofit community

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Tax Year
9 results
Amount ($) Name Purpose Location Year
470 Book gifts donated to various indiv Donations of 80 books authored by foundation president to various individuals at various times at a cost of $5.88 per book. FMV $12.95 per book. Various, AF* 2020
213 Pastor Ham Sun Kyo General Pastor's assistance Seoul, AF* 2020
212 Pastor Norris Purchase food for African Pastor's group Nairobi, AF* 2020
205 Pastor Bahati Jonasi Nyagawa Purchase food for African Pastor's Organization Dar Es Salaam, AF* 2020
181 Decon Choi Dong Yul Appreciation offering Kimpo, AF* 2020
127 Pastor Jo Hyun General Pastor's Assistance Daejeon, AF* 2020
104 Uganda HLCC Organization Purchase food for African Pastor's organization Kampala, AF* 2020
104 Uganda HLCC Organization Purchase food for African Pastor's organization Kampala, AF* 2020
45 Pastor Park Sol Ho General Pastor's Assistance Seoul, AF* 2020
(*) Denotes foreign country