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Tax Year 2019
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Flagstaff, AZ








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September 2021


# Name Title Hours / Wk Comp ($)
1 Richard Andrews Director 1 0
2 Michael Govan President 1 0
3 Ann Tenenbaum Secretary 1 0
4 Alice Tisch Treasurer 1 0
5 BRAD BUCHER Director 1 0
6 James Turrell Vice President 20 0
7 Kyung Lim Lee Turrell Director 20 0
8 LESLIE BUCHER Director 1 0
9 CHRIS LEONARD Director 1 0
10 DR ED KRUPP Director 1 0
11 ELEANORE DE SOLE Director 1 0

Charitable Activities

  • $6,190,738
    Skystone Foundation was founded in 1979 (originally called the Turrell Foundation and renamed in 1982) as the nonprofit private foundation responsible for fundraising, operation, and realization of James Turrell's Roden Crater Project. Roden Crater, Turrell's magnum opus, incorporates many aspects of his previous art works and presents an extraordinary convergence of art, architecture, astronomy, anthropological history of the area, and engineerings. Through a series of apertures in the cinder cone volcano, Turrell is sculpting a naked-eye observatory with discrete viewing spaces and chamber through which the public will experience the light from celestial objects and events. Skystone Foundation educational activities are carried out by practical demonstration through the form of graduate and undergraduate field lab courses incorporating astronomy, art, psychology, design, geology, agriculture, and range management studies as well as published articles to the general public. Skystone F logo is an open source project for my friends in the nonprofit community


Tax Year 2019
# Name Purpose Location Amount ($)
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