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# Name Title Hours / Wk Comp ($)
1 Donald J Groppetti President 0 0
2 Shelly K Groppetti Secretary 0 0
3 Blake Groppetti Director 0 0
4 Amanda Groppetti Director 0 0
5 Jared Groppetti Director 0 0
6 Derek Groppetti Treasurer 0 0

Charitable Activities

No Charitable Activities listed on Form 990-PF Part IX-A

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Tax Year
40 results
Amount ($) Name Purpose Location Year
Visalia Educational Foundation Visalia, CA Youth Development 30,000
Boys and Girls Club of Tulare Count Visalia, CA Provide funds for General Operations 25,000
Happy Trails Riding Academy Visalia, CA Partial funding for Adopt-a-Rider program 7,500
Read for Life Visalia, CA To provide reading material to disadvantaged children 5,000
Friends of Tulare County Visalia, CA To purchase toys and gifts for disadvantaged children 5,000

Application Guidelines

  • public

    Note: This foundation appears to have a website. We recommend starting your exploration there. Visit Website

  • assignment Instructions

    Submission of a Grant Application (found on the Foundation's website), as well as a short letter of inquiry (limited to three pages) and which should include the following:* A brief statement of the issues to be addressed, the history and goals of the applicant organization, and the applicant organization's involvement with these issues.* A brief summary of the activities for which the applicant organization is requesting support, including an outline of the objective, anticipated outcomes and implications.* The approximate starting date and duration of the proposed activities.* The total amount of funding needed, the amount requested, and information about other sources of support, both assured and requested.

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  • assignment_late Restrictions

    The foundation makes grants only to recipients exempt under IRC Section 501(c)(3) and are publicaly supported under IRC Section 509(a)(1) or (a)(2), or that are exempt operating foundations.The foundation supports activities in the following areas:* Education* Arts* Community Service* Health and Well Being* Relief for Victims of Disease and their Families* Care and Protection of Children/AnimalsThe foundation does not:* Consider requests for general fund-raising, deficit financing, or loans and grants to individuals.* Provide scholarship or fellowship support to individuals.* Make grants for research projects or give support to conferences, seminars, media events, or workships unless they are an integral part of a broader program.* Provide support for the production and development of television and radio programming.

  • contact_phone Contact

    G for Kids

    PO Box 1431

    Visalia, CA 932791431

    (559) 802-1333

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