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February 2019


# Name Title Hours / Wk Comp ($)
1 Robert Wells C.F.O./V.P./Sec 8 45,000
2 Kevin Wells President 1 0
3 Paul Heeschen Treasurer 1 0
4 Luanne Wells Director 1 0
5 Dan Emmett Director 1 0
6 Mary Nichols Director 1 0
7 Shelley Luce term end 517 Exec. Director 40 69,402
8 Caryn Mandelbaum Freshwater Program D 40 78,254
9 Douglas Loyd Bevington Forest Program Direc 40 78,037
10 Wanda Jenkins Office Manager 40 57,443

Charitable Activities

No Charitable Activities listed on Form 990-PF Part IX-A

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Tax Year
154 results
Amount ($) Name Purpose Location Year
International Community Foundation National City, CA Baja WaterKeeper Support 106,200
Center for Biological Diversity Oakland, CA Sierra Nevada Forest Campaign 90,000
John Muir ProjectEarth Island Institute Big Bear City, CA Fire Science Program 60,000
John Muir ProjectEarth Island Institute Big Bear City, CA 2016 Legal Defense Program 45,000
San Diego Coastkeeper San Diego, CA SDCK-EDCE StormWater Enforce 40,000
Pacific Institute Oakland, CA Framework for Sustainability 40,000
Natural Resources Defense Council San Francisco, CA Water Policy Reform 40,000
Center for Biological Diversity Tucson, AZ Clean Water Program 40,000
California Coastkeeper Alliance San Francisco, CA Water Supply Initiative 40,000
Monterey Coastkeeper Monterey, CA Agriculture Discharge Program 30,000
Union of Concerned Scientists Cambridge, MA Groundwater Management 30,000
Orange County Coastkeeper Costa Mesa, CA OCCK Conrete Campaign 30,000
Natural Resources Defense Council Santa Monica, CA Green Infrastruture Campaign 30,000
Liberty Hill Foundation Los Angeles, CA LA Water Policy Advisor 30,000
Geos Institute Ashland, OR Fire Science Outreach 30,000
Conservation Congress Livingston, MT CA National Forests Program 30,000
Center for Food Safety San Francisco, CA Public Water Campaign 30,000
The Water Foundation Sacramento, CA LA County Education Campaign 27,500
Ventura Coast Keeper Ventura, CA VCK Santa Clara Flow Challenge 25,000
Earthjustice San Francisco, CA Delta Projection Project 25,000

Application Guidelines

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    Note: This foundation appears to have a website. We recommend starting your exploration there. Visit Website

The foundation has indicated it only makes contributions to preselected charitable organizations and does not accept unsolicited requests for funds.

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